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What We Do

Our Professionally Poised etiquette training supports young adults seeking to improve their interpersonal and business communication skills. We beyond the typical business preparation lessons learned in the classroom and takes a deeper dive into the world of business etiquette and professionalism. In our sessions, students gain hands-on experience in formal dining lessons while participating in image consulting sessions and mock interviews.


Our interactive lessons introduce young adults to the concept of viewing themselves as personal brands. Students learn communicative strategies to define, develop, and maintain their brand values to create positive first impressions and build strong academic and business relationship.

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Carver Vocational Technical High School 

“Business etiquette and professionalism are soft skills that all students must learn but are rarely explicitly taught, so having Ayisha share her knowledge was a gift. She is a wonderful role model for the girls, as she is always professional and poise, yet relatable to them..” 


Z.Smith, —  College Bound Foundation 


It's more than just table manners, create a favorable impression and show courtesy at the dinner table.

Dining Etiquette

Learn essential business etiquette and professional soft skills to advance professionally.

Interview & Business

Discover key fashion elements essential to putting your best foot forward in any business setting.

Professional Dressing

Discover how to identify and effectively market your personal traits to make favorable impressions.

PERSONAL Trademark


With over a decade of experience working in executive level positions in Corporate America, Ayisha brings her experience and expertise in professionalism, marketing, fashion consulting, business development, and etiquette coaching. As a first-generation college student raised in a single parent household, Ayisha began her journey into to the professional world as at the age of sixteen after losing her mother to cancer and having to provide for herself as a ward of the state.


With a master’s degree in Communication Studies, Ayisha uses her skills in communicative strategies and non-verbal body language to educate students on the best strategies to become well-rounded professionals both inside and out. Her purpose for establishing Professionally Poised was to educate youth, ages 12 to 18, about professionalism and the importance of creating positive first impressions. In her workshops, Ayisha motivates students to confidently pursue their biggest dreams by using positive affirmations, positive body language,  and effective communicative strategies to boost self- confidence.







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