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Personal Trademark ™ 

 Our personal branding workshop focuses on motivating students to pursue their goals by using various strategies to increase self-confidence. The course begins with understanding the importance of first impressions. Students then engage in interactive exercises to identify their skill sets as well as areas of strengths and weaknesses. As student discover their brand’s unique differentiator’s they are encouraged to recite positive affirmations to eliminate any areas of self-doubt that may hinder them presenting their best self during professional interactions. Students leave the workshop a completed brand worksheet highlighting their strengths, goals, and positive affirmations as well as outlining a list action steps to manifest their goals.

Workshop Overview

  • Power of First Impressions

  • Who Am I? The Value of Personal Branding  

  • Discovering brand differentiators

  • I see You: Maintaining A Positive Online Presence

  • Developing Your Elevator Pitch

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