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Professional Dressing

Dressing for success is not only an action; it’s a mindset. This engaging and interactive workshop is educational and insightful.  Students learn how to transform their professional image and dress for success on any budget. We highlight the benefits of presenting a professional image in a business setting and selecting the right look for the right job. This course is aimed to help students discover the value of credibility, boost their self-confidence, and present themselves as polished and compelling professionals. Student will become familiar with the various levels of professional dressing while also learning how to select appropriate pieces by accurately accessing their personal shapes, sizes, and personalities. 

Workshop Overview

  • The Value Your Professional Image

  • Grooming and Personal Care

  • Budget-Friendly Wardrobe Planning

  • Lessons in Posture and Poise

  • Fashion Faux Pas

  • Types of Professional Dress

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