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Visual Marketing- Rule of ThumB

Updated: Feb 9, 2018


Visual Marketing


Visual marketing is the process of marketing with photos, videos, and other visual elements that attest to the value of your product or brand.

Visual marketing and content marketing are similar marketing approaches for promoting your business. Most of us have heard the saying that a picture says 1000 words so every time we post a photo or video, we are saying a ton about who we are as a business. For most business owners, the goal is to stimulate interest in our products and services. If we are saying so much and imprinting impressions of who we are on others, we should ensure that the content being shared is relevant and consistent to attract and retain the appropriate audience.

Here are some tips for developing a winning visual marketing strategy. Let’s call these four rules of thumb to consider when visual marketing online.

1. Ask Yourself A Few Questions

a. Who am I trying to reach?

b. What do I want them to know about my business? *TIP: Think beyond your service or product line…what is your “Why”?*

c. What need does your product/service fulfill for your audience? If your first response is “I don’t know” or “It depends” go back to the research drawing board.

You need a CLEAR understanding of the needs and desires of your audience, so your brand’s

messaging can generate value in their minds. Your audience NEEDS to know why they NEED

your product/service.

2. Find Common Ground

There are few companies that take consistency to another level with color coordinated profile themes and using the same imagery in all their posts. While I’m not suggesting that you go that route, I would recommend offering some consistency. Refer to your brand guide, select a few fonts and colors that complement your company’s colors and use them consistently throughout your social media platforms. Also, ensure social identifiers such as your profile picture, timeline cover, website banner, twitter background all have a similar color and image theme.

3. Select Images That Explain You Content A good picture will always catch the eye! Your images should be relative to the topic you are sharing but still unique!

For example:

If your service is tax preparation, though the typical close-ups of tax forms with pens and calculators are relevant but also boring. Consider using vibrant colors in your brand that will naturally catch the user’s eye. OR, incorporate catchy titles in your messaging. Include a picture of the most delicious piece of cake with the caption “ How to Have Your Cake and Eat It Too! A Guide to Deducting Your Business Expenses” .... like this .............

4. Don’t just Push Selling…Engage! Your audience wants to know who you are, who’s the voice behind the brand? Don’t use visual marketing to solely sell your product. Use video to go live and offer ways for clients to connect with you. Share behind the scene snapshots of your work in progress or you out in the field engaging with your clients. Real recognize real. Originality and authenticity build trust and trust is the secret to closing the deal. Get those coins, honey!

I want to hear from you!

What’s your story? And how can you visually translate your brand messaging to create the ultimate customer experience?

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