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The Creating A Meaningful Brand workbook is a comprehensive step-by-step activity guide that will help you define and develop every aspect of your brand's foundation.


It will show you exactly how to create a well-executed brand that fully represents you and that instantly connects with your audience.


 Using this workbook, you'll:


  • Learn the four (4) core elements of defining your Brand's Purpose and write yours out by using the guided activity 

  • Develop your Brand Value using the brand positioning statement template which will help you connect with your audience. 

  • Identify your brand's unique selling proposition using our Brand Sweet Spot model. 

  • Learn the five (5) steps to discover your Brand Essence

  • Discover the Psychology behind Your Brand Colors

  • And so much more!!! (no kidding, included in the workbook are a bunch more tips and tricks to share)

A brand is not just a logo, website, or your business's an experience. When you can confidently communicate your brand's essence to your audience, the process of connecting and converting them to clients becomes seamless! 

Creating A Meaningful Brand

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