Evolving the workplace


Mercedes Kirkland-Doyle, a Diversity and Inclusion Game Changer and Advocate for Women’s Rights sought to take her brand to the next level by creating a brand identity that would resonate with her audience, but also authentically reflect her personality. As Veteran and seasoned entrepreneur, Mercedes understood the importance of investing in her brand and sought out the expertise of Envision to bring her visions to life.  


Prior to working with ECA, Mercedes had a professionally designed logo for her Diversity and Inclusivity consulting business. Though she LOVED her brand colors and the added touch of her personal style, she understood the importance of exuding a brand identity that was relatable to her overall mission and purpose, something that would resonate with both commercial and small business audiences. 


Our team worked closely with Mercedes to create a brand identity that was professional yet stylish. A key element is to create a visual presentation that clearly communicates what your brand is all about. 


Original Logo


After conducting our BrandPlan session, we created a logo that represented her diversity and inclusion mission. Mercedes opted to invest in our BrandSuite package which allowed us to design robust suite of branded collateral including, business cards, brochures, social media posts, and most importantly, a website.   

New Logo


Business Cards




Branded Forms


Promotional Flyers


Custom Social Media Designs


Website Design + Development