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What​'s Included? 

  • Find Your Brand Purpose Worksheet
    Let's create a clear purpose and bring it to life in a compelling way by focusing on the four key areas that will define your brand’s role to your target audience.
  • Guide to Creating A Meaningful Positioning Statement 
    If you want people to love your brand, they need to feel a connection; effectively identifying where your brand should be positioned in the marketplace is the first step to true marketing success.
  • Design Your Brand: Mistakes to Avoid + Solutions To Stand Out Checklist
    Designing a brand entails designing every moment and experience people have with your brand. It’s colors, graphic language, typeface, photography, and your logo. It's easy for businesses and the people behind them to fall into common design trap, here are seven tips on how to avoid them.
  • Guide to Mastering Your Brand Story
    Your brand story is more than just a simple biography, let’s strengthen your creative muscle and write a compelling brand story. Check out our guide of the fundamentals of brand story structure.

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*Extra Bonus*

Brand Pitch: Guide to Polish Up Your Networking

Your pitch is what you tell the world about your business, it’s the polished version of your story. The one you hope people will grasp and believe within a few short minutes as they reach for their wallets. Learn five simple steps in creating a meaningful pitch that will leave a large impact.

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